October 27, 2009

It's working!

Now that I have a blog I should put something on it worth looking at, hm? I do have a picture of my yarn stash and a chaotic guest-craftroom challenging me to put to order, so I can set up my knitting and sewing machines on my other blog at http://www.petramaxwell.typepad.com .I'm workin' on it (my craftroom ) aand I invite any comments from fellow knitters on how they organize their personal or not so personal crafting space...
In the meantime I am knittng by hand and exchanging ideas and knitted requests with my daughters. One of them lives in Austria and knits and crochets beautiful teddybears according to an antique European pattern.

The picture above shows my younger daughter who lives nearby as a model for my aome of my knitted creations, fingerless gauntlet g;oves and matching cap .


October 24, 2009

YarnKrazy's new blog

Hi All! i'm fairly new at this blogging

Today I'm just trying it out. The name Yarnkrazy occurred to my husband when he contemplated my huge yarn stash in the room I'm about to convert into a guest-knitting-sewing room. I also have my laptop in there as from time to time I do actual work as a licensed investigator. I like listening to people which helps me be good at my profession. However, I also love the yarn craft, and have been at it since I was a six year old in my home Country Austria.

Nowadays I knit and felt for my family and others;Home decs, bags, clothes for adults, children and pets; Soon there will be pictures of my stuff.

For now I'm inviting fellow bloggers to add comments and aks questions since this is how