November 30, 2009

Hello all you Machine Knitters ....

.....I also do machine knitting and I have a stash of yarn that can stock a yarnshop. I also cannot find interesting and challenging current reads for our craft. Unlike the British Isles where Machine Knitting seems to be alive and well, here in the uS machine knitting all but has been forgotten by the crafting media. This has irked me for some time, because helpful magazines and books abound for other crafters, fellow handknitters, sewers, crocheters, and most of all, the Mixed media genre.

I have become frustrated over the lack of current guidance on machine knitting and organizing your craft space in the media, so to day I emailed the editor at ClothPaperSissors.com regarding their Studio quarterly magazines, where crafter's studios are displayed, except, guess what?, our machine knitting craft spaces.....the email goes:


I am somewhat of a fanatic hand and machine knitter who loves just about anything Interweave puts out for hand knitters/crocheters. I know there are many of us machine knitters out there who'd love to see us better represented in your lovely Studio magazine ! And, maybe a Machine Knitters magazine?

How about focusing in upcoming issues on creative ways (maybe how other knitters have solved theirs...) to deal with space and organizational challenges, especially for those with multiple knitting machines, a stash of yarn, many accessories and little space?

I have been searching for just such help for years, since I need to use my guestroom for knitting and also as office space for my other business (my day job:)) ? I sent an SOS out in October on myblog www.yarnkrazy.typepad.com and am still challenged. It' interesting that machine kntting media such as magazines and books basically stopped in their tracks soemwhere in the early to mid 1990s. No one seems to have picked up on the current resourgence of machine knitters, many of whom are not the grandma type one associates with machine knitting afghans and such :).

I am certain that someone on your end can look into this creatively and bring us out of the closet and place us along with the other crafters seemingly held so high in your esteem. I'll be glad to assist in any way I can!


Petra Maxwell
360 882 0180

I will keep you posted with their reply, if an. We'll see, hm?