December 31, 2009

Here's an inexpensive way on how to Make Fabric Labels | eHow.com

How to Make Fabric Labels | eHow.com

December 25, 2009

December 23, 2009

Hey, check out TKGA, a site for hand and machine knitters alike !

December 16, 2009

Encouraging knitting magazine editors to include machine knitting..... continued.....

............Here's today's email response to Interweave's daily advertising email to me......

...........From Petra Maxwell
...........to Knitting Daily
date Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 8:35 AM
subject Re: Knitting Reversible Cables: A Lesson and 4 Free Patterns!
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Hey guys, how about anything for us machine knitters? I'ver been wondering whether or not you'd address this lack of useful information especially in today's climate, when people are using their knitting machines again and have to be satisfied with pre early 1990s instructions, patterns, ideas, etc....! I've emailed this concern of mine to you now several times w/o getting an answer, starting to feel totally ignored!

Best Regards,
Petra Maxwell, A passionate hand and machine knitter, sewer and crocheter
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December 14, 2009

Book It! My Favorite Interweave Books from 2009 - Knitting Daily - Knitting Daily

Book It! My Favorite Interweave Books from 2009 - Knitting Daily - Knitting Daily

December 11, 2009

Machine Knitters.....

......I'm back....
Interestingly Interweave did not reply to my email about current stuff for machine knitters. They do keep emailing me invitations to buy from their ever expanding crafting products and media, as though machine knitting doesn't even exist and I never wrote to them about it....

Hungry for machine knitting information and techniques and signs of a community, I've been stockpiling relevant books from before the mid 1990's back to the 1950s; The books from the 50s and 60s contain beautiful vintage tailored creations for those who are interested in making their own clothes.

Having stockpiled from EBay huge skeins of the fine wool that's allegedly being used for high end designer clothes such as St. John's, I am seriously considering making some clothes on my machines. My friends at Needle-Tek, Jerry and Bea, who run one of the only knitting machine repair shops sill in business today, helped me set up my Brother KH/KR 230 and H965 with KR 850 recently. I had those machines for years stashed in my garage. I also bought the December issue of "KNit'N Style", which, Kudos to the editors, has one article in there about machine knitting....,,

Hey guys, I welcome your thoughts, share with me!

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